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W E L C O M E   T O   S A N D A L

A N D  TO  A U D`S   C O T T A G E S

Enjoying the good life in Nordfjord! Travel off the beaten track during your holiday, and discower our small treasures....
We have three distinctive, well equipped, nice norwegian charming cottages, for rent. One cottage is suitable for weelchair users.

Sandal is located in a fjord district,
by the west part of Jostedalsbreen National Park, in a peaceful and breath taken scenery.
This is a sentral starting point for trips in Fjord Norway, as Geirangerfjord, Briksdal glacier, Westcape and Sognefjord. It is under an hour to visit the Loen Skylift, wich take you 1000 meters up to a mountain top, in 5 minutes...!!
Sandal is 10 minutes drive from Byrkjelo on E39,
in peaceful surroundings
near Sandal Lake.

You can enjoy a fantastic view with waterfall, mountains and glaciers. Here is good opportunities for walks, and we have paths for hiking in amazing nature. Our lake and rivers have trout if you enjoy freshwater fishing. You can use our rowingboat on the lake for free.

We are open for booking all year round.
You are welcome to send us an e mail, see the mailbox down under :)



A N N E S T O V A  

I N F O   A N N E S T O V A   C O T T A G E

This small timber cottage (log cabin) has a good and nostalgic atmosphere! The sitting room has a wood burning stove. There is a cosy loft with one wide bed. A bit steep steps up from the kitchen... Bathroom with under-floor heating.
This is a romantic house for a couple!

S E E   M O R E   P I C T U R E S  O F  A N N E S T O V A  > >

H Ã… J A

I N F O   H Å J A  F A R M   H O U S E

Nice cottage in countrystyle, with three bedrooms. One bedroom is with a double bed (150 cm wide) on the ground floor. Two bedrooms upstairs, each with one single bed (90cm wide) and another bed (120 cm wide).
There is also a child’s bed and a child’s chair. Living room with wood burning stove.
Washing machine. Dishwasher and microwave oven.

S E E  M O R E  P I C T U R E S  O F  H Å J A   > >


I N F O  N Y S T O V A  H O L I D A Y   H O M E

Nicely furnished cottage. Kitchen with dishwasher and microwaveoven. Sitting room with a wood burning stove. Bathroom with under floor heating. One bedroom with two single beds (90cm) and one bedroom with one double bed (150cm wide) on the ground floor. One bedroom upstairs with one single bed (75cm) and one double (180cm wide). Also a child's bed and a child's chair. Washing machine.
Deep freezer.

This house is also suitable for wheelchair users.

M O R E   P I C T U R E S  O F  N Y S T O V A   > >


I N F O   A U D `S  

 â€œAnnestova”, “HÃ¥ja”, and “Nystova”

All cottages have a nice view and an outdoor area with garden furniture and barbecue. Electric light, El. heating, a wood burning stove and refrigerator. Fully equipped kitchen with mixer and coffee machine. Bathroom with shower and WC.
In the beds are duvets and pillows. Vacuum cleaner.
Parking by the house. Rowing boats and lifejackets are at the guests’ disposal. Please have a closer look at each cottage abowe.

P R I C E     C O T T A G E S

F O R  O N E  W E E K  (Mark: HÃ¥ja and Nystova price without linen)

P E R S .
A - season
B - season C - season
A N N E S T O V A (with linen for 2)
6 (+ 2 kids)
6 300,-
5 600,-
4 900,-

N Y S T O V A 6 (+3)
7 000,-
6 300,-
5 600,-

A-sesong: 15.june - 10.aug
B-sesong: 11.may - 14.june and 11.aug - 6.sept
C-sesong: 7.sept - 10.may

Only one or a few nights, the whole year: Annestova NOK 800.-  HÃ¥ja NOK 900.- Nystova NOK 1000.-

Price includes: Use of electricity and firewood, use of rowing boat and lifejackets. Duvets and pillows.

Bedlinen and towels can be hired: NOK 100,- pr. pers. Bedlinen are inclucive, for two, in cottage Annestova
Cleaning of cabins on departure day: NOK 600,- Annestova NOK 500,-

Discounts: Ask for discounts on long term renta


I N F O   N O R D F J O R D

E X P L O R E   G L A C I E R   A N D   F J O R D S

You will find us in the county of Gloppen, centrally situated in Nordfjord. By paying us a visit you will have the opportunity to discover a piece of Norway's finest unspoilt nature. Come, and you will have unique possibilities for catching trout or salmon in crystal clear mountain lakes or rivers. Experience, in a variety of ways, some of Norway's most beautiful and famous fjords, and take a guided trips on one of Norway's largest glaciers.

We can offer you a large variety of hiking trips, both marked and unmarked, ranging from easy 1 hours trips to more demanding hikes.

Alternatively, you can explore the scenery on horseback. The more experienced mountaineer will have a number of stunning peaks to challenge, and if you feel tempted to try white water rafting, a ride down one of our wild rivers will surely get your adrenaline running.

You will also have plenty of opportunities to experience traditional Norwegian culture in real and authentic settings. You are most welcome to visit us and to experience our hospitality.

M O R E   I N F O   N O R D F J O R D:

L O C A L   H A N D I C R A F T 

Some example of Aud's painting in local style. ask if you like to see...

O L D   C A R S   o n  o u r  f a r m

FORD GPW  (Willys jeep) 1944

Driving a Triumph  TR3 1956 at a race

 M U S E U M

F A R M   M U S E U M  

 M U S E U M  F R O M  T H E  S I X T I E S

A K T I V I T I E S 

F O R  O U R  G U E S T S    

Visit Sandal Farm:
Guided tour in the farm museum, have a look at old handicrafts and Aud`s painting

Fishing is best from May 1. till Oct 1.  Freshwater fishing, it is fine trout in our lake and in the surrounding rivers.
You can buy fishing licence by us for the whole aerea.

O t h e r   a c t i v i t i e s   n e a r b y

G l a c i e r   w a l k s   a n d  w h i t e   w a t e r  r a f t i n g
Glacier walks      Bre og Fjell  Guided kayaking trips: Gloppen Aktiv   Rafting   

T r y   t o   r i d e   t h e   F j o r d h o r s e
The fjord horse farm  Stall Rygg www.stallrygg,no 
Eid ride- og køyreklubb:

M a n y  p a t h s   f o r  h i k i n g   i n  a m a z in g   n a t ur e .
R o u t e s  f o r  b i c y c l e  r i d i n g, a n d  b i k e   h i r e:  Gloppen Aktiv

C a r  t r i p s
Central starting point to many of the well known tourist attractions:
Astruptunet in Jølster, the glacier museum in Fjærland, the Jostedals glacier nationalpark center, Briksdals glacier, Stryn, Geiranger fjord, Selje, Vestkapp, Loen Skylift

L o c a l  s h o p p i n g,   d e s i g n  a n d  h a n d i c r a f t s  
Many intresting shops for gifts and souvenirs near by.
Factories outlets

R e s t a u r a n t e s ,  l o c a l   f o o d   s p e c i a l i t e t s
Gloppen hotel, by the fjord, is known for its good local food  
The baker shop in Byrkjelo, "Bakar Jon" has local food, and a kafè 
Bakar Jon

F e s t i v a l s
Here are many festivals all year round:  music-, local food- and sport festivales


S A N D A L   G A R D

C O N T A C T   P E R S O N
Aud Bergheim

Dalevegen 490
N-6826 Byrkelo


M O B I L E S I T E 

+47 917 30 318

E - M A I L  

C O N T A C T   U S


Y R . N O



From Bergen with your car please take E39 to Oppedal. Take the ferry to Lavik,and E39 north to Byrkjelo.

From Oslo with your car go E18 direction Drammen to Sandvika (16 km) then E16 via Hønefoss and Fagernes till Lærdal (ca. 320 km)

A bit shorter from Oslo is to take the road 7 (from just before Hønefoss) till Gol, and from there road 52 trough Hemsedal till Lærdal.

Then road 5 to Fodnes. Take the ferry across the Sognefjord to Mannheller, then Sogndal and to Fjærland trough the tunnels. From Skei take E39 to Byrkjelo.

The last part from Byrkjelo: Take road 60 direction Stryn. After just 1 km turn right by the sign: Myklebust. After 4 km, on a small road, when you can see the lake, stop by the sign: Sandal Gardsturisme, you are here!! house nr 490. You will get the key and the information you need :)


GPS: 61.745022 / 6.571989

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